Alexis Walter

Abstract painter, Alexis Walter, is recognized for creating timeless works of art that echo the city that she draws inspiration from - New Orleans. Rich in a history formed by the influence of many cultures and appreciated for it’s extraordinary architecture and lifestyle, it still has fresh and modern elements woven into it’s landscape.

Driven by that juxtaposition of old and new, Alexis creates impasto and watercolor paintings that bridge the gap between antique and contemporary. She does that through her technique and color palette. Her approach of finishing her pieces with an overlay that lends a smoky veil ensures that even her most modern works reveal more history. Walter’s other point of difference is her development and use of unique, and often unexpected, colors and combinations. She is inspired by how colors change depending on the time of day or geographical location, and often recreates hues from places or items that catch her eye.

“When I envision the journey of one of my paintings, I see it in a room with a curated mix of furniture and treasures,” Walter states. “But, it can also be at home among a sea of century old finds or as a statement piece in a minimalist setting”.

Walter’s creativity emerged early in life.  Her career unfolded organically and was embraced quickly. She is heralded by collectors and designers that appreciate the subtleties and complexities of her work.

Walter’s love of the old-new mix is woven through all aspects of her life.  When she plants in her streamlined courtyard, she opts for heirloom vegetables. When she entertains, she’ll showcase a modern food presentation on vintage china. She loves to cook, host, explore, travel and spend time with her husband, Dan, and two dogs, Miette and Cecilia.